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  • Beach Ashtrays
  • Football Shaped Ashtray
  • Melamine Ashtray
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    buy Beach Ashtray
    Item Name:Beach Ashtray
    Item No.:A05236
    Payment Term:T/T or Negotiable
    Mini Order:5000pcs
    Description:Beach Ashtray
    Features: the ashtray with a cover to prevent the sea wind to blow the...
    buy Football Shaped Ashtray
    Item Name:Football Shaped Ashtray
    Item No.:80035
    Payment Term:T/T or Negotiable
    Mini Order:1000pcs
    Description:It has beautiful color and appearance. The cover is revolved, so the cigarette ashes can...
    buy Melamine Ashtray-1
    Item Name:Melamine Ashtray-1
    Item No.:A00946
    Payment Term:T/T or Negotiable
    Mini Order:
    Description:Name: ASHTRAY Specifications: 117x100x30 mm Carton Size: 60.5x32.5x26 cm Packing met...
    buy Melamine Ashtray-2
    Item Name:Melamine Ashtray-2
    Item No.:A00945
    Payment Term:T/T or Negotiable
    Mini Order:
    Description:Name: ASHTRAY(ROUND) Specifications: 108 x 108 x 34 mm Carton Size: 56 x 34 x 29.5 cm...
    buy Melamine Pumpkin Ashtray
    Item Name:Melamine Pumpkin Ashtray
    Item No.:A00943
    Payment Term:T/T or Negotiable
    Mini Order:
    Description:Name: POMPKIN ASHTRAY Specifications: 98 x 98 x 100 mm Carton Size: 60 x 40.5 x 53 cm...
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